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Command Center 

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King Of The Jungle

If the snakes, spiders and bugs weren’t bad enough, you’ll be defending yourselves against waves of enemies in the collapsed temple ruins, as they stream in from the dried up riverbed. Secure the rickety wooden bridges and temple buildings to maintain a strong position!

Location Peru

The Nightmare Challenge is bringing you a one-off special, this Christmas time you’re going to have a rumble in the jungle! 


The Pit

You’re going to find yourself in a prison, but not just any ordinary prison for ordinary human criminals. ‘The Pit’ is essentially a hole in the ground where the worst scum in the world were thrown, never to be seen again. Unfortunately, you have to see them again, but now they’re even uglier! Somehow they’ve turned undead down there; we need you to fill the pit with their blood.  

Location Burma

Do not let one inmate escape! Luckily some of the latest modifications to the facility can wipe out zombies in pretty short fashion, use them to your advantage if you want to survive prison yourself. 


Terminal 23

Prepare for takeoff and brace yourself for the bitter cold that hangs in the heavy air of this terminal. It’s no wonder this place is no longer operational. You’d have to be suicidal to land a plane here. And with all those nasty creatures around, the harsh weather will be the least of your problems!

Location France

No Man’s Land

The bleakness of this place can be deceiving. For although no grass has grown here for a long time, there is something alive twitching in the shadows, and death lurks around every corner.

Location Kazakhstan

Ice Station Zulu

A cold wind blows, and trouble is brewing in the North. This military base buried in the snow is no place for wimps – we’ll need our absolute toughest mercs for this job. If you don’t want to get iced, you better open fire on the waves of arctic invaders.

Location Northern Canada

Frozen Assets

It’s damn cold up here, but don’t let that slow you down! There are hordes of vile creatures pouring out of every imaginable crevice, so mow them down before they reach the portal! This place gives “cold sweat” a whole new meaning…

Location New Siberian Islands

Chopping Mall

Imagine a pleasant shopping spree in a shiny consumer paradise…and then forget all that because the only bargain you’ll be getting is free bullets flying in your face. And the prices are actually pretty high when it’s your life on the line!

Location United Kingdom

Spaced Out

The undead hordes are trying to escape the moon, and guess where they’re headed? Thats right, straight to our planet! You better stand you and your turrets directly between them and their way out of here. There’s lots of stairs where they’ll be concentrated, so focus your fire there! 

Location Moon

Are we alone in our solar system? When you’re done I bloody well hope so. 


Mercy Killing

Watch out, though, because if you’re found to be wanting, you’ll end up like the last patients of this hospital, and only leave with your flesh rotten and your brain as mush!

Location Seattle

Oh, and don’t forget to double-check the morgue…


Coba Steps

Grab your hiking boots, and your hiking shotguns, because today you’re going up the Coba Steps to slaughter some zombies!

Don’t get too put off by the long climb because we’re giving you the option of using our awesome gun turrets, and you do not want to miss the sight of them mowing down hordes of zombies on the Mayan temple steps! It’s magnificent!


Location Central America

Also, if you spill enough zombie blood in a great hole-filled sacrifice, the Mayan gods may bestow upon you some great rewards!


Headshot Hotel

Nice place, eh? Too bad there’s no time to hit the swimming pool. The bullets here are flying faster than the Wi-Fi, so get out of bed and into the brawl! And don’t bother with the “Do Not Disturb” sign – it’s a bit late for that!

Location Dubai

Megalith Quarry

Nobody leaves this site with clean hands. You’re here for some serious dirty work, and I’m not talking about hauling stones. Watch out for falling rocks, and frack those bastards!

Location USA/Illinois

Moon Landing

Better hold your breath, merc, because we’re sending you into space – straight to the moon! Have you always wanted to view the earth from above and take in its full beauty? Well, forget it! You’re going up there to work, not to enjoy the scenery. Think of yourselves as a galactic clean-up crew.

Location Moon

Things are getting pretty messy up there with Colonel Cooper pumping that god-damn virus right into our moon base! She’s turned all of our staff into crusty moon zombies! It’s enough to make you sick!


Launch Site

Those IMSA idiots really love playing with expensive, shiny toys. Now they want to send the mother of all rockets into space!

Location Florida

The god-damn countdown is already ticking away, so we need you to launch yourselves in there like you’ve been drinking rocket fuel for breakfast! Prevent that sucker from taking off at all costs, but be careful! There’s a hungry pack of she-wolves guarding the rocket, and I think it’s a full moon tonight!


Gangrene Mile

We know most of you bad boys are more used to be behind the jails than in front of it. Here is your chance to literally exorcize your old demons. 

Location North America

Speaking of murder, it really seems to be on everyone’s mind in this god-forsaken place. The inmates here are taking their “life sentences” a bit far. A few of them have been hanging around for way too long. Get a whiff of that, whew!


Polar Disorder

Our enemies are secretly creating highly dangerous war machines in the polar region.

Location Bering Sea

Our enemies are secretly creating highly dangerous war machines in the polar region. We need to defrost the ice out of them before they use these crazy inventions in an attack! Don’t stand still or you’ll freeze to death: Go, merc, go!


Necrotic Necropolis

Get in that pyramid and BURN THE DAMN PLACE TO THE GROUND!


Location Egypt


This time those IMSA bastards have gone too far. Instead of going after puny fishing boats, they hijacked a whole military base. 

Location Sea of Okhotsk

Attention, Mercs. Those ISMA bastards have gone too far. They were supposed to go after some fishing boats, but instead they hijacked an entire military base. Believe it or not, those sissies managed to get their hands on a fully functional atomic bomb.


Dragon's Valley

This place was designed to be somekind of Jurassic Park, but you’re not there for taking selfies with the Flintstones – you’re on a mission to save that hostage! 

Location Isla Nublar (Costa Rica)

You know what to do if the attractions get out of hand. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
And this time, make sure they stay extinct!


Skull Island

This former island paradise is about to crumble – literally!

Location Pacific Ocean

An unknown organization has taken over our military base there in one fell swoop, and from the looks of it, they want to turn our tropical getaway into a pile of rubble.


Doomtown Abbey

All that remains of this once proud site are a few central buildings and scattered plant life. 

Location Prague

The lure of extradimensional power attracts all manner of enemies, and operations in other parts of the world often pull away needed defense forces. Luckily, help never more than a few minutes away. If you can last that long...



Nobody actually knows what kind of *thing* woke up deep down Sweetwater mine. One thing’s for certain: it’s nasty. We know this for the only testimony about the issue took the form of a ravaged forearm covered in some kind of greenish slimy mucus. Yum!

Location Chile

We need true minesweepers for this mission. But not the kind that sit on their own ass, lazily clicking on little computer squares, sunk into their comfortable office seat. You will have to prove that you are not some kind of lazybones bureaucrat!


Urban Renewal

Just one of many cities that need to be liberated from the menacing terror spreading all over the world.

Location Mexico City

Land of the Dead

We have no clue if you can break a mummy's curse by putting a bullet between its eyes, but it's worth a try.

Location Egypt

Final Boarding

Airport security that isn't what it used to be anymore. Oh, and watch out for that crashed plane over there. Warnng: Pretty much everyone is armed to the teeth in here.

Location France/Paris

Russian Front

Heated battles on frozen ground, and not only the harsh winds will send chills down your spine.

Location Russia/Siberia

Jungle Lab

Kill it with fire! This lab and its surroundings are definitely not the place to be, but a job is a job. Oh, and is that slimy thing over there moving?

Location Brazil

Plague of Locusts

Shoes won't help you get rid of those spiders this time. So better bring hairspray, a lighter, and a big freaking gun.

Location USA/Philadelphia

Big Dam Heroes

Water on one side, massive concrete on the other, and enemies right in-between. Like a tasty ass-kickin' sandwich.

Location USA/Colorado

Forbidden City

Three days ago a portal to another dimension opened in the middle of Bejing. Demons, ghosts and other undead things have been coming out of it ever since.

Location China/Beijing

Local authorities report that the portal leads to an alternate version of the forbidden city and they are convinced that the devil himself rules the palace.Take your team and close those portals. The underground waterways should be a short cut.