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Welcome to the Jungle 

Dinosaurs on the loose!

Welcome to the Jungle

August 1, 2014

Scientists… Why do they always feel the urge to play with nature? Whoever thought it was a good idea to bring an extinct species back to life and strap some big-ass guns to their backs: They were wrong. Reports say that dinosaurs are on the loose in Dragon’s Valley!

Since we don’t have the time to wait for another meteor, we need to send you and your team in to handle the situation. This time, make sure they stay extinct!

Our latest patch adds five new maps, a new campaign, a new game mode, and much more to Hazard Ops.

  • Primeval Ops” is a new PvE campaign that will pit you against dinosaurs on the map Dragon’s Valley.
  • Head Hunter” is a new PvP mode available on several maps that might cause a major headache if you’re not very careful.
  • New weapons & equipment for you to choose from
  • New missions for you to complete for cool rewards
  • New Maps:
    • Cadaverous Isle
    • Dragon’s Valley
    • Shell Beach
    • End of the Line
    • Cloud Villa

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