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Like a Boss 1.5.4.

This content update is live!
Be prepared to receive more of just about everything, and take on the hardest enemies in the game with Boss Rush!

  • New game mode: Boss Rush
  • 17 new weapons, including new Tyrant type
  • 3 new Robopets
  • 6 new Co-Op maps
  • 2 new Versus maps
  • 10 costumes for both male and female mercs
  • Many new Mods, Items and Tech
Like a Boss

In Boss Rush, the giant-killers amongst you should relish the opportunity to take up to 9 bosses in a row! There will also be a string of new PvE missions that connect to one another, taking you through different modes and locations as you and your team fight to restore balance to an ancient dynasty.

Now, we wouldn’t let you get out there fighting ancient Chinese zombies and giant mech-walkers without a few new shiny toys! We’ll be issuing you with our brand new Tyrant type weapons, our most powerful and badass weapons yet! We also want you looking fly when you’re out there knocking heads together, so we’ve got loads of new costumes for you to try out!

Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 1Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 2Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 3Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 4Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 5Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 6Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 7Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 8Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 9Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 10Hazard Ops - Like a Boss: 11

Drone WarZ 1.4.1

Enemy drones incoming! Better gear up and grab your own badass Robopet, there’s going to be a drone war happening on our new battlefields! 

  • New Robopets available for purchase: Grim Death, Cannon Giant and Sky Killer!
  • 4 brand new PvP maps: Unreal Space, Section Seven, Downtown Garage, Floating Temple
  • Nightmare Difficulty now also for: Skull Island (Assault Ops), Polar Disorder (Assault Ops), Plague of Locusts (Extermination Ops)
Drone WarZ

On Friday, 13 February 2015, is the release of our brand new content update! Take cover, all mercs have new deadly companions incoming!

Every merc on the Hazard Ops payroll will now be able to purchase their very own Robopet! These deadly flying robots will follow you around wherever you go on the battlefield, lending its formidable firepower to your own! Best of all, they will be available in several different models and will sell in both Coins and Cash!

Not only that, but we have four new PvP maps for you to fly your bots around in! 

Hazard Ops - Drone WarZ: 1Hazard Ops - Drone WarZ: 2Hazard Ops - Drone WarZ: 3Hazard Ops - Drone WarZ: 4Hazard Ops - Drone WarZ: 5Hazard Ops - Drone WarZ: 6Hazard Ops - Drone WarZ: 7Hazard Ops - Drone WarZ: 8

Cryo Storm 1.3.0

Severe weather warning! Gear up for survival combat in sub-zero temperatures – we’re talking blizzard battles and some nasty frostbite if you’re not careful!

  • X-Trap anti-cheat system implemented
  • New Payday mode: playable on 7 maps
  • New Mission System
  • New Co-op maps for Turret Defense: Spaced Out, Frozen Assets
  • New PvP map: No Man’s Land
  • 3 new maps for PvP and PvE: Ice Station Zulu, Chopping Mall, Terminal 23
  • New weapons: Titan Pulse Rifle, Thunder QJY88, Thunder Striker, and more
  • New costumes: Special Snow Suit, Punk Royale, Sports Stars, and more
Cryo Storm

On 21 November, the Hazard Ops servers are entering the chill zone with our new update, and we need cold-blooded killers who aren’t going to let a little hypothermia stand in the way of completing their missions.

Still angry at Colonel Cooper for that incident on the moon? Now is the time for revenge: She’s back and tougher than ever. It’s about time for that mutated beast to bite the moondust, so give her an intergalactic funeral on the new Turret Defense map Spaced Out!

And don’t expect it to be all warm and cozy when you return to Earth! You better hit the ground running to keep your core temperature up on the frigid new Turret Defense map Frozen Assets or the PvE/PvP carnage of Ice Station Zulu.

In the new Payday mode, you can cash in on your kills like never before. Every mercenary is a walking paycheck, literally exploding with valuable jewels when you kill them. Grab those gems for your team, but you better deposit them safely before someone targets you – the more blood diamonds you’re carrying, the greater the risk!

In the brand-new Mission System, you can fight your way around the world with plenty of mayhem and bloodshed.

Hazard Ops - Cryo Storm: 1Hazard Ops - Cryo Storm: 2Hazard Ops - Cryo Storm: 3Hazard Ops - Cryo Storm: 4Hazard Ops - Cryo Storm: 5Hazard Ops - Cryo Storm: 6Hazard Ops - Cryo Storm: 7Hazard Ops - Cryo Storm: 8Hazard Ops - Cryo Storm: 9Hazard Ops - Cryo Storm: 10

Full Metal Moon 1.2.0

Better buckle up: Hazard Ops is prepared for liftoff. This update is out of this world and will take you all the way to the moon!

  • New Co-op Assault Ops map: Launch Site
  • New Co-op Survival 2.0 map: Moon Landing
  • New costumes, including Motor Psycho, HazMat Commando, White Ninja
  • New weapons, including Thunder QBU88, Giant Scythe, Assault A4L
  • Capture the Flag mode, playable on 12 maps
  • 2 new PVP Maps: Headshot Hotel, Megalith Quarry
Full Metal Moon

The next Hazard Ops update goes live on 23 October, pushing mercenaries beyond all limits. We’re sending you pretty far out – and straight to the moon!

The IMSA has it in for that big hunk of cheese, and they’ll stop at nothing to make it theirs. On the new Assault Ops map “Launch Site”, you’ve got to stop a legendary order of assassins from blasting a nasty virus into the atmosphere. But be careful: Those ladies take no prisoners.

Experience the thrilling plot of the assassin boss Colonel Cooper and her vile plan on the new Co-op map “Moon Landing” in Survival 2.0 mode. She’s about to stir up a serious shitstorm, so wipe the moondust out of your eyes and take her down!

One small step for a merc, one giant leap for the team. This just in: In Capture the Flag mode, you’ll really have to work together as a team. That’s the only way to secure the points necessary for victory.

Hazard Ops - Full Metal Moon: 1Hazard Ops - Full Metal Moon: 2Hazard Ops - Full Metal Moon: 3Hazard Ops - Full Metal Moon: 4Hazard Ops - Full Metal Moon: 5Hazard Ops - Full Metal Moon: 6Hazard Ops - Full Metal Moon: 7Hazard Ops - Full Metal Moon: 8Hazard Ops - Full Metal Moon: 9Hazard Ops - Full Metal Moon: 10

Living Nightmares 1.1.0

A content update to freeze the blood in your veins and wake you up screaming.

  • New Versus Mode: Infection (2 Maps)
  • 2 New Co-op Survival 2.0 Maps
  • 2 New Co-op Turret Defense Maps
  • New Co-op Assault Ops Map
  • 2 New Co-op Zombie Maps
  • New Versus Mech Map
  • 15 new weapons and 5 new costumes
Living Nightmares

Living Nightmares will hit the Hazard Ops servers on 16 September, bringing with it not only 8 new maps but also a whole new game mode.

Infection mode will be the latest addition to our competitive PvP gameplay and has a very special twist to it.

Whole regions were hermetically locked down by the government in order to prevent a further spread of the infectious plague, and they’re paying mercenaries to do the cleaning up. That means YOU!

Earning your paycheck has never been an easy task, but Infection matches are special.

Having your face peeled off by one of the infected means not only a painful death, but you will join their ranks of the undead on the hunt for the living! So always be alert, shoot on sight, and aim for the head, or you’ll end up fighting against your friends as one of the superhuman living dead.

Hazard Ops - Living Nightmares: 1Hazard Ops - Living Nightmares: 2Hazard Ops - Living Nightmares: 3Hazard Ops - Living Nightmares: 4Hazard Ops - Living Nightmares: 5Hazard Ops - Living Nightmares: 6Hazard Ops - Living Nightmares: 7Hazard Ops - Living Nightmares: 8Hazard Ops - Living Nightmares: 9Hazard Ops - Living Nightmares: 10

War of the Machines 1.0.0

Metal on metal. Man against machine. The Iron Age is here, and there’s no turning back!

  • New Versus mode: Mech Wars
  • New Co-op mode: Turret Defense
  • Fully customizable equipment for your mech
  • 15 new weapons and 4 new costumes
  • 8 new maps: Power Struggle, Metro Plaza, Rail Barren, Dangerous Quarry, Doomtown Abbey, Convergence, Minesweeper, Polar Disorder
War of the Machines

This war will take blood, guts, and nerves of steel! From now on, you can let mechs and turrets do the talking for you. Tear your opponents into scrap metal in two totally new modes.

In Mech Wars, hop into a giant mechanical battle suit, which you equip and customize to create hell on earth for the other team! Or defend your position against endless waves of enemy hordes in Turret Defense mode.

Kick it into high gear with a huge pile of new weapons, costumes, and maps! Hold on tight and fire away!

Hazard Ops - War of the Machines: 1Hazard Ops - War of the Machines: 2Hazard Ops - War of the Machines: 3Hazard Ops - War of the Machines: 4Hazard Ops - War of the Machines: 5

Welcome to the jungle! 0.4.0

Our latest patch adds five new maps, a new campaign, a new game mode, and much more to Hazard Ops.

  • New weapons & equipment for you to choose from
  • New missions for you to complete and gain rewards from
  • New maps: Cadaverous Isle, Dragon's Valley, Shell Beach, End of the Line, Cloud Villa
Welcome to the jungle!

"Welcome to the Jungle" features a new Co-op mode on the map "Dragon's Valley", where you face mighty Dinosaurs in a lost island setting, while the new Head Hunter game mode will literally blow up your head with every kill you make. From now on, ALL your progress, gear, weapons, and kills will be secure.

"Primeval Ops" is a new PvE campaign that will send you against Dinosaurs on the map Dragon's Valley. "Head Hunter" is a new PvP mode available on several maps that might cause quite the headache if you're not very careful.

Hazard Ops - Welcome to the jungle!: 1Hazard Ops - Welcome to the jungle!: 2Hazard Ops - Welcome to the jungle!: 3Hazard Ops - Welcome to the jungle!: 4Hazard Ops - Welcome to the jungle!: 5