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Hazard Ops is all about diversity. With a wide variety of game modes, you will always have something (or someone) to kill. Cooperate with your friends in action packed maps, or frag some noobs in VERSUS… The choice is yours!

Team Deathmatch Team Deathmatch

Two teams of blood-thirsty mercenaries, a big pile of guns, and a glorious bloodbath. Sounds like a good ol' Team Deathmatch!

Elimination Elimination

Think you have what it takes to be the last team standing? You've got to work together if you want to succeed!

Massive Survival Massive Survival

The more the merrier! Your classic survival mode with a lot more zombies!

Survival Survival

The zombies are coming for you... Build up your defenses and bash some skulls in this brutal survival mode.

Massive Assault Massive Assault

Whoever they are, they're launching a full-scale assault! It's time to kick some serious alien ass! Invasion mode now has a lot more invaders.

Assault Assault

You're cornered, and it's not looking good... How long can you survive this futuristic freak show?

Extermination Ops Extermination Ops

A deadly virus has begun to spread, and it's up to you to clean up the mess! Take control of a zombie eradication task force. Killing zombies has never been so much fun!

Assault Ops Assault Ops

Nobody knows where they came from... But you know where they belong... In the graveyard! Will you let some futuristic freaks invade your home? Hell no!


Bored of using guns and playing the good guy? Pick up one of 24 savage heroes and unleash their powers to anihilate your opponents!

Defusion Defusion

Either you're the guy who wants to blow up the building or you're the one trying to stop it. In both case: Shoot on sight!

King of the Hill King of the Hill

Securing a zone is easier said than done.

Deathmatch Deathmatch

Some mercs are born to be the lone wolf. Good ol' free for all!